Bum Up In The Air!

It just rained yeaterday and the weeds are easy to pull, so the dog and I spent an hour or so wandering around in the garden renovating it (removing unwanted plants).  My dog enjoys it when I garden, she spends her time nibbling on the platns around me (pruning), sniffing around the bushes for rabbits (!) or stand by my side demanding pats.  But this morning she found a GOOD smell.  Away she went.....she dug and dug and dug....until all I could see was her bum up in the air....she's still out there sniffing and digging in the same spot....I love it :)  

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7 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Phew! I live in Australia but down south where we don't have cane toads. I think they sound hideous! I'm glad you have regular ones. It's a pity the name toads conjures up an ugly image in one's mind. I think a toad would be quite endearing in the garden otherwise :)

Aren`t they the cutest when their bums are up in the air? Brill, my *big* puppy digs through the snow. Have no clue why either. I tried having him do snow angels, too. Didn`t work.

Sweetie - Toads? Not cane toads I hope!

Lucky - thank you<br />
<br />
Jimmy - I would love to know too. it was a very industrious dig. I wish I had the same sensity sense of smell. Wouldn't life be interesting!!<br />
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Delta - probably not. She has a habit of going back to dig in the same spot again!

I wonder what she is digging for? Dogs know how to take pleasure in simple things.

If only she would!

and i would have enjoyed that too! <br />
<br />
Great story!