Today I Had An Epiphany...


Today I had an epiphany , when looking at a school folder of mine of all my old exam results, certificates and teachers reports. That although, majority of them were either average or just plain bad. I tried my hardest at school and still, till this day I know I couldn't have done anymore than that. Plus, now that I am 34 year's old, currently unemployed, I can and will succeed in accomplishing a qualification in maths, which would be an improvement in  life - that can be added to my resume- upgrading my chances with a new job.  As well as a giant finger up to the non- believers, teachers- with nil guidance procedures and the people who bullied me at school. My life starts over - and gets better, from now on.    

purplezen purplezen
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

have always maintained a person should never let school get in the way of their joy for learning...nice purplezen

Yeah! Good Attitude! I am truly inspired.