The Stare

I've been pretty drown in agony and anger the last few days, mostly because of life and all those hectic misunderstandings upon certain things in my path.

On my way to work this morning, on the bus, this lady stared at me right from the second I got on that bus. I HATE it when people stare... really HATE it. But when i stared back at her, i felt like i was thrown to the deepest shame..... because of those awful prejudices i had let grow in this awful head of mine. This lady was staring at me just to share the most beautiful, caring smile, like a mother's smile to her child that would guide her through the thick and thin of the day ;  the one my mum used to share me................

How could I take my own anger on someone  who had nothing to do with me, someone who had nothing but sincere care for others, a stranger with a beautiful soul. 

I thank the Lord for letting me stand there face to face with my dark shameful part and find another miracle of life. God showed me one more path of how He works His way to lead me back to the right track... and surely find a new wonderful meaning of a stranger's stare....

sylvia07 sylvia07
36-40, F
Feb 24, 2010