It Wasn't That Simple

 Wednesday mornings are usually company meetings. The whole company shuts down for whatever it is management needs to convey to us. The email was sent yesterday confirming the meeting for today. We all thought it was going to be one of those dull and dreary talks that they usually do.

As it turned out, we were given a surprise. A local comedian, making it big in the big city was invited to do a show for 7:30 in the morning! Half asleep we all were, some just getting off the night shift, suddenly awoken with the funniest stories you get to ever hear that early. Oh...he made us laugh real good...people wiping tears from their eyes...some growing red on their faces...others stomping their feet...most holding their tummies because it just hurts from laughing...... Okay, so maybe I'm describing myself here...but there are others enjoying this guy's humour, too..... This is the first time our company has ever done something like this. Totally unexpected. A surprise among surprises for this is not something we would have ever thought the GM would do. But he did. Such sweet gesture. He is going down in our history company books as the man who made us cry from laughter.

Have you ever enjoyed a unique experience like this one?

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Go steal it, WG! I won't ...We really appreciated it. We look at our GM in a different way now. Made a huge difference to morale. And the nice thing about it is that the comedian is local, just living in the next town. My friends at work are now planning a night out to watch him in the comedy bar restaurant. We just felt that we need to watch more of him............ Thanks, WG. :)

I wish I had experienced something like this. What a great idea! I may just have to steal it :)

I *love* Achmed, Taken!!! omg! And Peanuts, too! Have you ever watched Jeff Dunham? We got to watch him January of last year and I almost pissed myself laughing! But there was this lady beside me, snobbish and all that sh*t...whatever...she laughs like something got stuck in her throat...well middle of the show, she switched places with her what the heck was that about??! Then there was this couple right behind us who snorts when was funny and cute, really...but this lady would turn her head and would glare at them! Why watch a perfectly funny show and get irked by laughing people??? Such a weirdo!!!<br />
<br />
Oh, tummy hurt so bad! It took two hours to calm myself again...well, I don't really calm down...but the laughing quieted for a while. LOL It was a good way to start our work day. Every time I see the GM in the hallway, I have to stop myself from hugging the man! ;)