i liked thinking what i love and like..smelling flowers etc


also  i enjoyed talking with my aunt for a while..we advised each other! i told her some things and she did same.. she told me how sometimes she feels sad and i told her ''u should think also good things'' and i told her how imagine some things..i think that suprised her.. and she told me also that she wants the best.. we had tea together and watched a greek show on tv..just for a while but i liked it..it was somethin i say 'wow' now.. and i thank her..

amysangels amysangels
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yeah tp..important things..

hugs redlady*♥

Aww amy I'm so glad to hear this story. It shows how much you've grown and matured. you are a brilliant girl. Keep going as you are. *hugs*


Sharing and trust between people who care about each other is a wonderful thing amy. You are both lucky to have each other!

hugs*sorry u miss ur aunt

i told her what happened .. ''the crazy day'' i had..and everything.. and she talked to me too.. i liked it..coz she trusted me bout some things too and i told her things i couldn tell too..