This happened yesterday. There were a lot of buzzing going here and I couldn't even find time to think, let alone write. LOL

A young lad called my attention yesterday afternoon as I was in the stores shopping for groceries. My phone buzzed with a message. It read:

"I'm bored. Can I draw faces on the eggs in the fridge"?

Of course, I answered yes. Thought it was just funny.

So now, if you open the fridge door, and look at the eggs, right on the egg trays by the fridge door...there they are...all morose-looking eggs. I asked why they all look like that. And the young boy replied,

"Shouldn't you be if you're waiting for the end"?

I just laughed and laughed.


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*falls over 8FD laughing*... sarcasm at its best... love it!!!...

Teacher: what are you going to paint today Sally?<br />
<br />
Sally: I'm going to paint a picture of God!<br />
<br />
Teacher: But Sally no one knows what God really looks like.<br />
<br />
Sally: They will in a minute.

LOL Connifer... you're comment is definitely egg-tertaining...<br />
<br />
Geez... the things we do here on EP... thanks for the comment...

Egg-xactly! Life can be a terrible yolk to bear. (chuckle)

While I had a difficult time cracking the eggs to cook for breakfast... he just picked and picked and tapped them with a fork.............. ugh!... murderer...

Mr. Sylph should change his name to Mr. NoFunAllowed.<br />
He should rejoice in funny eggs in his fridge!

Thank you, Darlinsam... art is an ex<x>pression, even in this minute scale... and he does love to draw...<br />
<br />
Only Mr. Sylph didn't think it's funny...

way to go for letting him express himself! what a talent!

way to go for letting him express himself! what a talent!

That would be awesome, K... watch it together... you know... we are not that very far from each other... just 1500 km away...almost 2 hours by plane... hmm...<br />
<br />
crying because of laughing... haha... I do this a lot, too... til my belly hurts so bad... *high five*...

Ok i will not give away any more but i have to say it is my fav of the three! I basically laughed till I cried...<br />
You're gonna LOVE IT :D! I wish we could see it together :)<br />
*hugs Sylph*

K!!! I did not notice your comment... *hugs*...<br />
<br />
I have not watched Iced Age 3... *mental note: must rent the DVD*... I do love Ice Age... Sid, the sloth is my favourite... and yeah... I could picture him doing the same thing on those baby T-Rex eggs... haha...

The laughing always come unexpected... and that is just the bonus to it all...<br />
<br />
I think they are simply getting smarter and smarter everyday...

Yeah, I've got one of those wiseguys too. We have to laugh, right, Sylph?

Awww... thanks Lilt!... *Sylph runs to Lilt... hugs*...<br />
<br />
Yup, he is certainly dandy and fine... won't have him any other way...<br />
<br />
He calls himself "cool"...

This is my new favorite story EVER!<br />
Sylph, you've got a dandy lad there.

Aww that reminds me of the last ICE AGE film with the sloth who had found 3 Baby Rex eggs and he made these similar but hilarious faces on the eggs, but in his case only one was sorta sad!<br />
<br />
Too cute Sylph! <br />
*hugs K*

LOL! Thanks Blushark... that kind of "ending" was sorely missed...

Haha... the cruelty of it all... brings out the wickedness in all of us... Glowy... you just wrote a fab story... I could almost picture it as the Alcatraz of Eggsville or something... I like it!...

I love this!!! <br />
<br />
Just sitting on egg row. No last meal. Cold. Surrounded by your doomed fellows. Living in the dark. Not even knowing what kind of execution you will have. Poached? Fried? Hard boiled? <i>Scraaambled?</i><br />
<br />
It is cruel, I tell you. Just cruel.

Aren't kids just the greatest, Des?<br />
<br />
They just take away the blues...<br />
<br />
And he is a groovy kid... *winks*...

LOL, Dean... I think I prefer your girls painting the eggs with or without make-up than painting Barbie dolls... though they are old for those... still... Barbie gives me the creeps... I keep telling you... let them paint... you won't listen... *whacks*...<br />
<br />
Ever, hun... I had to laugh when you said, "... find some egss..."... I can almost see Mr. Ever running away from you while you chase him in amuck... haha... or rather make that... mwaaaahahaha...

Gee thanks, LV... anyone I have told about this laughs as well... even in RL... then I show them the picture... gets them every single time...<br />
<br />
Proud of that lad... *winks*...

LOL! this is really funny

Haha... told you, Rog...<br />
You are now attached to your painted egg.......... ugh... that did not sound quite right... sorry! Bu you know what I mean... *Sylph whacks her forehead*...

Go do that, Rog....... bit of warning though... it was kinda hard cracking them when I needed to cook the eggs... I felt... uhm... attached...

Yup, that's exactly what I said, too...more of hahaha. ;)

hehehe :P

I'll form the group...sure thing. See ya, Pooh...LOL *hugs*

I bet Faucon's grand- daughter would just love it too! Must draw Faucon to this new have to form it okay?! Seeya Tigger! x Pooh

That sounds good, WG. :) We'll post pictures of the eggs drawn...must form another group...hmm...And I'll get all the nephews and nieces to join...should be fun...I'm excited already!!! *Sylph is bouncing again!*<br />
<br />
Super-D...stop that! You do not confuse make me laugh and say "awww" because you are just too sweet. :)

Nah, feathers and glitter is no go. Imagine getting bits of feather in your mouth as you eat your hard boiled eggs - Blaahch! I already do this activity all the time. The kids usually draw faces on their eggs before they boil them! We must have a egg face drawing competetion for easter Sylph - okay?!

My confusion is myself. I multi-task all the time so I confuse myself. That's why I need to do yoga and meditation. I bounce everywhere! LOL

That's the beauty of the children. When they imitate, it's just so wonderfully cute!<br />
Yes, there's a photo now...I was wondering why I didn't think about it before. Someone here mentioned it...or probably in another story...I'm confused now...'s in the genes... ;)<br />
But the fight in the backyard is fun...there's just snow right now in the backyard so that would not work. Maybe in the summer...

This is a cool kid like his mom. I'm also impressed he asked permission. My kids would more likely use the eggs to have a fight in the back yard, without any thought of permission.

Oh, sorry, too Polly...I also meant that you and the young boy share the same thing. But he does not do EP...geez, no...that would be horrific for me! LOL *hugs*

I know! The eggs are how could one possibly crack them open now?

I just love doing crafts of all kinds with kids (and without them too!). Love the photo of all the little guys in the fridge door!!

Pollydoll...yes...he loves to sketch. It's his own little world. Thanks for the comment. :)<br />
<br /> you like the title of this activity as well? "Dress up your Eggs"'s cute, ay? WG hasn't said anything yet though...

you could really dress them with little bits of felt and feathers and buttons and glittery things... make little outfits!!

Okay, okay...for the kids who like hard-boiled eggs...even for the kids-at-heart adults who like hard-boiled eggs. I think older folks would love it, too. Definitely a go for Easter. You can even have an activity or a game for the kids in drawing faces with the eggs...something like, "Dress up your Eggs" - do you like this title? ;)

LOL. To the six year old who loves boiled eggs! You could include a dozen nuddy eggs too with a pen for them to do their own! I still think it's a fab idea.<br />
<br />
Actually, it would make a great present to the people who don't like chocolate at Easter time! Cooooool!'s original and unique.........*Happy birthday, ---! Here's my gift for you.* *opens the present* *Ooohhh, wow.......I got........eggs...*<br />
Hmmm...may be depending on who you would give it to...

Wouldn't it make a great birthday present?!

I never thought of it that way...but yes, WG! Superb idea! And of course you can use different coloured markers as well. Thanks. =) *hugs*

I love it. What a fantastic idea! I bet people would love to buy hand-drawn faced eggs. Imagine what fun it would be to open your carton! We have chooks and have way too many eggs all the time, and are forever giving them away. I'm going to add a personal touch next time :)

Oh, definitely, Bliss! if there's one thing that I want to keep forever, it's the child in me. Often silly, gets me in trouble at times, but if it brings laughter today and tomorrow, I'd certainly keep it.<br />
And I love Little Prince, too...something I read every now and then to give my brain a good whack.<br />
<br />
Thanks. *hugs*

I mentioned on another post about how I'd read "The Little Prince" again today for the first time in years. It's about exactly that - how grown ups see things differently from how children see them - a wonderful book - I love that simple, matter of fact way kids have of seeing the world, it is sad when they get beyond that though. Personally I like to try to retain that sense of childishness - I think it's necessary for sanity sometimes!!

Laurie...same sentiments here. There's a certain magic being with children. Makes you think the world is just as it should be. Thanks. *hugs*<br />
<br />
Bella...too damn cute! *hugs*

LOL...Too cute !

LOL and i thought when I have a headache when at work is bad. Your nephew has it worse.<br />
<br />
Too funny... ;)

Oh yes...the things they say are so innocent that it's hilarious!

I know!!! It's just impossible that you won't at least smile at them. But they can always me laugh. I can listen to them all day and just get mesmerized. :)

You betcha, are often smarter than us. But you should see the wait...maybe I can take a picture. Ha! *light bulb idea again* Thanks! :)<br />
<br />
Thank you, too, Sage...not just the story...he is funny and sweet. :)

Yes, Omniel...he is such a witty young man! :)