Sunday Showers

Today miss four and I walked up to get the Sunday paper.

Just as we set off, it started to gently rain on us, while the sun still had a little glimmer in the sky.  As we walked along it started to rain a little heavier, but we did not care.  We talked about the flowers, the trees, the neighbours, the neighbours new puppies, all the while sloshing in our thongs (flip flop for my non australian friends) in the wet grass and puddles we found.

It was nice just her and I.  I decided to treat her to some lollies when i bought the paper. As we made our way back home, she opened them up, gave out a delightful " Ooooo" as she looked at the yellow circle of sugary treasure.  Who would have thought walking in the rain while eating bright yellow life savers could be so enjoyable.

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5 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I love this story. Reminds me of a time going out for ice cream with an 8-yr daughter. She smiled and said "I feel like the richest person in the world." Kids are so great.

Lovely story Lilly, it's definitely the simple things that make a day special.

Love it, Lills...she'll be going with you every time you need the Sunday paper. It's your special thing you do together. :)

*smiles* I would. What a special moment....something so simple and unplanned...they are the best memories to have with your children.

sounds just lovely..Angel rain from heaven bringing soothing comfort wash out those......... woes away . :) two dear friends walking enjoying life,nature..wish i could hold the pups or see them..nice story!!