A Back Seat Ride...

My daughter has been learning to drive for a number of months now and has been driving long distances (over one hour trips).  I always let Roj take the front seat since the day I got yelled at for not being a responsible instructor from the back seat :)

I never expected being in the back seat to be so much fun.  I sit in the middle of my two boys and have been loving it.  Sometimes I act the kid and make trouble for the adults in the front - He touched me!!!!  Are we there yet???? And lots of elbowing and leg shuffling.  But mostly I just get to cuddle the boys and play hand games.  Yesterday Mst 11 and I feel asleep on each other.  So lovely :)

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WG's not quite that aggressive in real life :-)

I love the tete a tete between you two...

Oh shut up you!

Of course you are better WG.<br />
<br />
That's what you wanted to hear, isn't it?

11 years from now! lol. Don't think too far in to the future LV :)

So sweet, I can't wait to sit beside my daughter when she drives, <br />
<br />
which would be 11 years from now!

lol Jo. My boys only have to hum a tune sometimes and that irritates the other to the point of a punch up! You would not be popular in our car!! i'm the better teacher, I just let Roj think he is because otherwise he'd cry.

WG ur a partnership. I am sure you can teach as well a proficient teacher. <br />
Trouble in the back, apart from singing a fav. melody spontaneously, but never too loud.

Jo! Are you suggesting that I am NOT a sensible teacher?! I teach her when Roj is not in the car, most of the time. Only when the whole family is in the car does Roj the "better" teacher gets to ride in front and instruct! <br />
<br />
In Australia you need to have done at least 120 hours worth of driving under instruction before you can sit for your driver's license. The daughter has done about 40 out of the 120 hours needed and has over a year to get her other hours done. Easy considering that it takes us a long time to get anywhere we need to go. <br />
<br />
She is just driving our family car, a four wheel drive thingee. She's only had one formal driving lesson.<br />
<br />
Do you cause trouble in the back seat too Jo??? ;)

Roj, is a sensible teacher, ur daughter will learn well. WG, you enjoy the scenary wherever you sit.<br />
Back seat has never bothered me. What type of car is she driving? How is she doing?<br />
How often does she have lessons? Best of luck with the lessons.

That is just sweet...and funny. Of course, you have to make trouble for the people at the front. But why not, ay? Don't you feel sick sitting at the back though. I find it difficult to even sit still if I'm seated at the back...like "Gimme some room"!!!

LOL. Now WG has someone to lean on when she falls asleep...