My favorite daily ritual that I have is tucking my daughter to bed in the evening and crawling into bed with her.  What makes it great is the pillow talk that we have.  Sometimes it's silly girl chatter, sometimes it's about the latest gossip at school or her long list of plans for the future.  Tucking my daughter in bed is now only during the weekdays as the past weekends have been spent with her father.  It's been stressful and emotional these last few months in my house.  The pillowtalk has been reduced to "I love you" being mumbled by her and me hugging her and holding on as long as I can.  Tonight, we both quietly jumped into bed as I held her as she fell asleep.  A simple kiss on the cheek and off she was to a peaceful sleep.  As she slept, I was soaking in the smell of hair, feeling the beat of her heart next to mine and listening to the rhythm of her breathing.  If I can just stop time to keep her from growing up so fast, this moment would be perfect. 

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

I still crawl in bed with my parents, and they are 82 and 79, <br />
And it feels a good as it did when I was a child.<br />
<br />
Chipperchick, <br />
and my grandchildren all cuddle up with me when we have sleepovers...