I Have Been Seeing A Lot Of Beauty Lately, With Justification. I Just Wanted To Share Today


I looked up and the sky was beautiful. It was light blue, infinite in depth and in width and it had clouds all over. The clouds didn't hide the sun nor the blue water colour, they just hung around in different areas. They looked like angels. And I don't necessarily believe in angels but if there is a definition of angels then this is it. Beautiful wings and capes and carpets and blankets all within the clouds. It was extraordinary!  So i stopped and laid on my car and stared, i meditated and just became one with all this beauty i was seeing. Then the thought came to me that as I saw beauty within myself, naturally i began to see it all around me. And so naturally the beauty i was seeing all around, i was recognizing within myself as well. Because I am beautiful , the sky is also and because i see this beauty it is reflected through everything else. (this entire life) And I also realized that as my intention and desire for beauty has shined through my surroundings and my eyes, so my intention and desire for beautiful things will shine through beautiful things. I am growing more and more aware of the beautiful infinite truth and "my life" is shaping up to be just that; it's beautiful truth. It is wonderful to experience all this unfolding and mystifying love and bliss. Today I was my self. =)





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Thank you!

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