If Looks Could Kill

Today was like many, typical days around here...busy.

I had no break time, no nap time. Just chores, errands, etc. I dropped a pet off at the vet, paid some bills, dropped kids off, picked kids up, went to the library, did the grocery run, tried to work on my art projects. Needless to say, I must have been on "auto pilot".

I say this because when I was on my way to pick up the kids from school, and was half way up the hilly road, I heard a thump, ka-boom noise. I slowed down, looked in the rear view mirror and saw a big, dark blob sliding down my back car window. So not knowing what it was, I stopped the car and was about to get out...when who should appear but Oscar, one of the outdoor cats.

He was apparently on my car roof, and I didn't even realize it. So I guess the point of this little story is to slow down, stop rushing so much and LOOK on top of your car for cats, critters and the like. Oscar is very fine, no harm done. But what made my day was the look that he gave me through my rear view mirror. It was quite funny and rather peculiar. I'll never forget it!

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I'm glad your pet is fine. I'm also glad it wasn't a pedestrian or a cyclist!<br />