a day before yesterday I was on a bus. A girl was sitting behind me holding a vocabulary notebook in hand. She had a very nice handwriting. She wrote the english words with one color and the meaning with the other, following an example.

I noticed the words are for GRE exam (I hope you understand how terrific this exam is). I took that about 6 months ago. I had a pdf file for writing part which helped me so much. Well I asked the girl if she wants to take the gre exam in the near future and I explained that I found out this from the type of the words.

She said yes and told me that it would be a hard exam. I replied that it is the hard exam, but she should have fun with any exam in order to pass it. Then I suggested her to send the pdf file by email which would be very very helpful for the writing part. She was in doubt at first but gave me hey email address. I sent it to her.

Today I recieved a reply from her. She was very excited and grateful. She told me that she was lucky that I sat behind her in the bus. When I read her email, I felt in pure pleasure...

:) I really enjoy such things.

Hugs hugs

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That was really nice and thoughtful. I bet others would like to have you sit behind them on the bus when they could sure use some help! :D<br />
It's such a shame that at first the girl was dubious about whether or not you were genuine. Why is it every genuine act of kindness is met immediately with doubt and suspicion? It shouldn't have to be like that but that's just how it is nowadays, have we become so out of touch with kindness from strangers that we immediately jump to the worst conclusion? :(<br />
<br />
It is often said 'Innocent until proven guilty' and yet it is more like 'Guilty until proven innocent'<br />
*sighs* It is such a shame...<br />
D xx

That's great. I love encounters like that.

I enjoyed this too, that's beautiful.<br />
<br />
Sounds like you are experience life for what it really is; it's beauty!<br />
<br />
Cheers to you and life's beauty!