Because Of You

Today I went to the bookstore to look for some postcards and photographic books for the person I am thinking of. Spending some time to sit on the floor at the corner and reading some children books, so funny. I smiled while finding and choosing which one and wondering if you like them. I didn't know that thinking of you and trying to do something for you make me feel happy like that :)

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6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I go to the same section, children's sitting with them and read. Hubby doesn't have the patience when I go to book I usually go by myself, too.

Yes, the children's section is a great place to be ... there are some fantastic kids books ... brilliant illustrations! <br />
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Yes, journals and notebooks Sylph ... that's definitely what I would be looking for ... lol

But of course, Bliss...where else would we see each other except at the Arts n Crafts aisle??! Remember, we do love journals and notebooks, right?<br />
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LOL! Too funny, Bliss...too funny...<br />
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Hope Super-D stays in the children's section... ;)

I understand how this feels deltagirl ... nice to be doing something for someone special ... although I do agree with Sylph on this one ... I might be in a different section too ... wonder if I'd bump into you in the same one Sylph?!! ... lol ... I'm assuming you don't mean the Arts and Crafts section? Or, maybe you do!

Amy! Stop that! You're in the like a mountain girl!'re funny. :D<br />
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Super-D...*he* makes you think of children books...hmm...interesting... ;) I would probably go to a different section of the bookstore if I'm thinking of *him*.....LOL!

:)thats nice