Beautiful End To The Day


This actually happened a couple of days ago but I hadn't the time to write it then. I was on my way uptown from downtown and i saw someone playing the guitar by a field somewhere. I decided to go and listen so I did. I went there I asked the gentleman if i could listen while he played and he said yes. Then I sat there looking over the field at the marvelous sun and the beautiful accompaniment of clouds. I lit a cigar and just flew away. It was beautiful. 

LuckymeIshouldsee LuckymeIshouldsee
3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

The hollow body of the guitar makes good drumming when you need it, that with a few good chords makes for a good dance.

Thank you! <br />
I think i might go out today and play my guitar somewhere. I just haven't figured out where yet. And I don't exactly know how to play. I just make sounds with it! I think i'm a better fit for a drum. <br />
<br />
And that's really cool you do that! I'm delighted that you do!

What nice imagry you use here, music accompanied by clouds. It brings joy to me and laughter wells up and bursts forth as I read it. I will be found in a field with my guitar soon and I hope to help some one fly away, if only me ... I do that all the time anywhere with a guitar (its like, I lite the guitar and just fly away ... no more cigars for now for me) It is beautiful.<br />
Thanks! Smiles!