My Son

Today my son was playing with my hair whilst I was typing away at the computer.  I love having my hair played with so I told him it would be really great if he could brush and pop it up into a ponytail for me.  Amazingly he went with the idea and spent 5 minutes brushing it, tying it up and popping a few bobby pins in.  Usually it looks terrible when he tries to do this, but today it was actually done well and I decided to keep his creation in all day including a trip out to the shops.  

I wonder if he'll feel like doing it again tomorrow...

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14 Responses Apr 3, 2010

aww thats really cute. F

lol'll have to start up a EP hair salon to pull the chicks ;) <br />
<br />
And no Mr 13 doesn't reallly do hair, he was just mucking around.

lol Jimmy I think that's definitely true. Glad to hear that you may have some talent. I know that I have not displayed any (despite instruction)!

I actually was thinking of going to hairstylist school on the side. I like to do hair and have an artistic side. And I figured it would be a great way to meet women.

Seriously??? He does hair???......... I'm impressed! I'm not good with fixing hair. Mine just falls...... Maybe he can do mine......

Oh, I know! Master 11 knows that if you don't wash it for a couple of weeks it can stand up by itself and look very cool! Great...he stinks :( 13 year old is definitely NOT into hair, his or anyone elses. The 11 year old on the other hand has cool hair without even trying and flciks through the cool hair style books at the haridresses to find a style he which his mother says he is too young for :)

Jimmy that's girls hair. Just impossible to work with. Don't know how they survive with anything longer than 5cm myself.

You raising him to be a sissy hairstylist, huh!? I actually wish I was better at doing pony tails. My daughters would appreciate it.

My little brother likes "dressing me" hell pick out what I should wear and tell me if I look good or not. I think it's cute, but his dad says I'm turning him into a "pansy"

Watch the sticky fingers, Lilly


Mmmmm, sticky fingers too!

He'll have the chocolate shakes, WG. Good thing he did it today :)