Corporal Punishment And Los Of Privileges

As we were still dating, we asked ourselves and each other a lot of “what if” questions, and answered them honestly and as good as possible. I don’t think we covered all the possibilities, but must have come very close. What emerged was a consensual philosophy for our lifestyle. He was the dominant partner and I was to be his obedient and submissive wife, who would follow his directives and rules, and accepts his lead unconditionally.
I always was a little bit on the bratty side and can be quite mischievous. We had discussed the various options for me to be disciplined. I have been and still am adamantly convinced that any form of discipline must be strict, must be painful and must be humiliating. In that sense it was agreed that I will be disciplined totally nude. While my buttocks will be the primary target of any form of discipline, other parts of my body could and have also come into place. Brad promised to he will never intentionally cause me any harm, and he promised the he will be strict and it will be painful. Although he never per se mentioned it, but Brad would have preferred to have a wife who was nude at all times. It was I who suggested to using my clothes as pawn. Thus I would and still do lose my privileges to be dressed as part of any punishment. There also will be additional restrictions placed on me as to what I can wear to work and when to dress and undress.
My husband has written rules and sub-rules for me, which cover about every aspect of our life. I have to follow each and every one of them at all times or have to face the consequences. Any form of discipline is to make me into a better submissive. To that point any form of discipline is to also address the rule violation, but not necessarily exclusively. To give you an example, I have to be barefoot at all times, especially when at home and/or on the premises. Wearing flip flops is not barefoot. Violating that rule, I will not only be punished on my buttocks, but also on the soles of my feet. I am only allowed to wear Catholic bras, failure to do so will result in my breasts being punished as well. Likewise, I am not allowed to wear pants or panties without permission. Hence I will also have to submit to vaginal punishment. The level of my punishment is commensurate to my age and if it is a repeat offense.
For the first offense Brad has used the hand. The second offense usually is the paddle and/or a ruler. The third offense is a belt and all others will be the riding crop or a switch. Anytime an offense is considered aggravated or willful, my husband will only use a riding crop or a switch/rod. That is more or less the general approach and I admit that sometimes we to deviate from that for a variety of reasons.
As a closing note, being who I am, a sometimes big brat and mischievous, I have graduated in most cases past the third offense.
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Sounds like a reasonable course.

what reasons do you deviate for. hope we can chat soon