Darkness surrounds me as I beg for the light

His weight on top of me makes it so hard to fight

Please don't hurt me I hear myself cry

Be a good little girl is his only reply


I gasp for air as his fingers wrap around my throat

Shivering from the cold as I was made to lie on my coat

Hot tears fall from deep brown eyes

Permanent scars warped into pretense ties


Kicking and screaming I plead for him not to touch

A swollen black eye and he promises now he won't rush

Slow and painful like dying for this horrid shame

Led to believe I've only myself to blame


He f***s me hard, makes me feel like I'm no good

My father always told me a wh*** never would

This is my life and all I could ever amount to

Virginity lost and whats left of my pride will never do


Cold rain falls from a sapphire sky

Broken and abused,left alone to suffer and die.

escapingmemories escapingmemories
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Wow. That is a great poem.