Easily Discarded

A soul discarded, a body replaced.

A memory forgotten, pending to be erased.

A person of little interest, thrown to the wind.

The invitation you sent, now one you plan to rescind.

A ghost of a person you are.  Someone I thought I knew.  

Did you ever really exist?  Was this ever something true?

Why the pretense then?  Why the show?

What was the point?  Where were you trying to go?  

It's of little interest now.  You've given up the fight. 

Off you go now to cower in the shadows.  Slink away and retreat to the night.  

There's something to be learned here.  Some principle to hold to. 

I'll know it soon.  but first, to rid myself of this lie.  I'll say goodbye to you. 

ElArdee ElArdee
26-30, M
Jan 24, 2011