Dreams, Only

I feel okay most of the times now,
but I have no idea how,
things have changed again today.

I try to forget you everyday,
I don't listen to what you say,
I try to forget how cute you seem,
I don't want my love to redeem.

I don't want to feel that way,
It just makes me want to say,
that, why can't you be mine?
For just a moment, why isn't it fine?

I,then, understand how stupid I am,
and then it all just appears like "bam",
that no, you wouldn't like me ever,
You just can't be mine, oh, never.

But my heart stops following what my mind has to order,
It doesn't realize how much it bothers,
to see you love someone else,
and not just somebody, my best friend.

I see you two and you seem perfect,
And I just forget how much it affects,
I love her more than anything,
and her smile is,to me, everything.

Yet this feeling, doesn't seem to go,
guess it just loves the pain I undergo,
I wish it goes right now,
I just want it to dissappear anyhow.
lovetobeAnonymous lovetobeAnonymous
May 6, 2012