Self Worth

Feeling worthless as you always make me do
being the person you can throw your angry names to
mental, crazy , stupid its all the same
same words just thrown into a different day
incapable of love , hate at its best
your the type that makes me despise all the rest
feeling shame, and self loss
you have sufficated me with your withdraws
i have nothing , ive never made it far
i know what i am because of what you are
loving you should have been simple
instead its far from
your the only person keeping me from what i can become
discomfort and self hate has taken its place
ill never be the person a great man could appreicate
im ruined from the inside out
i know this because you have told me this yourself
the person i once loved
is the person i need to live without
TheUndeseriedXo TheUndeseriedXo
18-21, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

I like it