Standing on my tippy-toes
As my legs tremble
A ballerina with stage fright
The shiver creeps through my calves
Deliciously, dangerously
Knees barely support weight
The serpentine curve of my back
Seeks the stability of the wall
For support
An ecstatic shiver races up my spine
More shockingly than an unexpected epidural
Causing legs to buckle
My body shudders as hands skim my waist
Teasing with featherweight caress
Hazel eyes exude sheer primal instinct
Mine merely reflect yours
A crescendo of oscillations
A cacophony of harmonic motion
Reaching a fever pitch
“I love you”
Through ragged breath, three compulsive words
Running fingers through coarse auburn waves
With a final meaningful glance, separate
Rumpled clothes are smoothed
Moist lips are wiped across
The back of my hand
Still tingling
ElectricEccentric ElectricEccentric
Sep 21, 2012