I'm in the same place I've found myself many times before
My face is completely blank, but in my mind I'm crumpled on the floor
I show my support like I don't give a damn
But no one can know who I really am

The one who knows has gone away
He took my heart, left the pain to stay
I knew this would happen all along
So why is it hard for me to stay strong?

My mind is a mess because that's how he left it
But I can't think aloud cause I know he'll regret it
I can't have him leave, I need him in my life
Nobody understands and I can't tell them why

He's so toxic, poison in my veins
How can I love this feeling, it's insane
Over and over, I'm addicted to his lies
So when my heart's broken, I'm really not surprised

I wonder how she feels, so innocent and sweet
I wonder what she'd do, if she knew about me

It's all my fault, I can't complain
But I just have so much to say
I really can't believe myself
I created my own living hell

I want to tell her the truth
With every ounce in my bone
But it's the truth that keeps us together
And I can't let that go

I can't betray you, my heart says no
I'd do anything for you, and this I think you know
I can't hate you for this hurt
I just hate me for my worth

I really am nothing, have zero self esteem
To love you this long and let you walk all over me
mysslyss16 mysslyss16
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012