11:17 the day is gone
Learned what I knew all along
I'm nothing to you, but that's okay
I guess I don't need you anyway

I ruined your life with the choices you made
And all I can do is watch you fade
Blaming the worlds won't fix yourself
You know you're creating your own living hell

11:26 the night is here
Been thinking about you my dear
I'm not the one you need
But there's nothing wrong with me

You don't have to lie, sugar coat the truth
I can handle it with all I've been through
If you wanna leave, go ahead and go
But do me a favor and please let me know

11:31 you're on my mind
I guess this happens from time to time
We once had it all and threw it away
I'm sorry that my love wasn't strong enough to stay

I wish you the best but we'll never work
With all the feelings there's still the hurt
I'm not your girl just please move on
We had our chance and now it's gone

11:33 and I haven't spoken to you in awhile
Oh how I wish you could make me smile
Through all that time we were the best of friends
But one drunken mistake put that to an end

I wish we could take it back, I wanna forget
Losing you is a huge regret
But like the time I'll just move on
Soon enough, the memory's gone

11:39 and I think of our times
There's still some hope you could be mine
Though I know it won't happen, your heart is gone
It's just so hard for me to move on

We literally had nothing, so why am I so shaken
I don't have real hope, I'm just mistaken
You never cared you just wanted my offer
So the question is why do I bother?

11:43 and the end is near
It's time to leave and face my fears
Burn down my past
It's never gonna last

Thanks for showing me who I am and what not to do
I know I've got so much to prove
In the end it's me
Only me to succeed
mysslyss16 mysslyss16
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012