It started with a glare
I saw you standing there
Right where you don't belong
I knew that you were wrong

Then you spoke to me
I fell down to my knees
My god you made me smile
Please let this last awhile

You just walked away
I wanted you to stay
Please don't leave
I'm still here on my knees

You took my breath away
Still trying to get it back
My mind is in one place
My heart's under attack

I finally gathered myself
To pick up the pieces
Then I looked up and saw you
I just can't believe this

Here we go again
My face is turning red
The way you said my name
It just drove me insane

You're the kind of guy
Who makes me fight inside
I know you're so wrong
But my heart makes you right

You keep breaking it in half
And it waits for you to come back
You're addicting with what you do
How you tear me down and make me love you

I don't care, keep doing it again
I just don't want our thing to end
The good is worth the pain
Your rainbow's worth the rain

But sometimes I wonder if we could be real
I can't imagine the happiness I'd feel
I think we're right for each other, I hope you see
I'm crazy for you baby, just choose me
mysslyss16 mysslyss16
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

he seems to always leave you for another,if he did choose you ,seems he will always want another,