Madness came today
dancing on my living grave.
This body, this burden, this jail.
I can't set me free, I live in pain.
An ache, an itch I can't stop,
tried to escape, always a flop.

Insanity is one feet from me,
it covers everything, as far as I can see.
People, crawl, in ignorance
climbing, desperate, on the fence
which hides knowledge to the masses.
Money, only thing, can buy them passes.
WhydoIneedausername WhydoIneedausername
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Runaway Train

Outside of the scratched glass
A middle aged woman pegs the present
Onto a long taut line of wire

The boys in singlets
With white baseball hats
Walk between the seats
Full of dozing old men & women

Their hard eyes
Look into an empty future
While the passengers dream
The past into being