Derek Scott Terrell

Look at the type of person you raised. A ****** up piece of **** bag two timing ignorances. And he hides behind grace. So none of us can see his true face. I dream of you dying and I laughed at your grave. You don't even deserve a burial grown. As everyone cried. I pictured them just tossing your body aside. I can't wait for the day you meet that special someone. and she **** on you like contemptible despicable worthless **** you are. And you think you're living like a BOSS! You live with your mom and you make less than minimum wage. Open your eyes. And realize what goes up must come down. And whatever is in the dark will certainly see the light. soon everyone will see beyond your disguise. the low life cheap bastard ******* his own family member best friend, cousin, sister type of guy. You are the epitome of the devil's ***.
Pinchpain Pinchpain
Dec 13, 2012