Late Night Babbling

I open my heart to a world so trivial, demanding and cruel.
Yet my heart aches to find a place in it.
Broken and lost,every word seems to scar a barren pulsing wave through my soul.
I cry even when tears can not be seen.
My desire for a life of loneliness to end, crushed by the weight of reality.
A sad truth: there is beauty in such fragility,
but only those who have tasted the bitter flower of pain have the eyes to see.
Can anyone see the suffering my soul endures?
Past the faux laughter and forced smiles.
No one would ever know, with how effortless it flows and pours.
Can it just be over?
In this oaf infested world the answer lies with those who do not care.
Not a care in this world belongs to the ones who desperately need it.
A rarity if found.
Truth? There is only one truth, it can only be revealed when the execution is pure.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 23, 2013