The Other Side Of The Mountain


You must never contradict them though their premises are flawed.

If you do you must expect to be howled down with one accord,

For evolution theorists proclaim infallibility

And this you can't contest without disturbing their tranquillity.


It is said of two hypotheses the simpler we should choose,

But evolution theory demands that we refuse.

Did a group of beasts with itchy feet transfer their range and then,

Abroad, mutate or anyway change and then mutate again,


Migrating, homesick, back again to their range in years gone by

To wipe out all their old root stock that Darwinists should cry,

Creating a deep mystery because the rocks are bare

Of fossils that the Darwinists expected to be there?


The pilgrim beasts, so Dawkins says, found the other side of the hill

Or mountain (if the hill was small), and they stayed until

It was time to travel back to the home of their ancestral beast,

Relentlessly competing till the ancestors deceased.


One wonders how a species could be utterly ungrateful

And leave behind a record which the Darwinists find hateful.

But modern evolutionists want this to be believed

And if you do you're welcomed and into their ranks received.


They like to dance the haka as a substitue for reason,

Always chanting loud, indignant sounds that float the breeze on.

They have an inclination to deny they ever erred -

A little bit more honesty and this you might have heard:




We're a breed of funny paleonts without the missing link,

Who just pretend it's really there for that's the way we think.

We believe in evolution 'cause we won't believe in God -

To abandon that belief would show us up as very odd.


A 'controversial' article condemned our fond belief

Without the author's name - unfair, and greatly to our grief.

If we do not know who wrote it, then we cannot make him cease,

Frustrating our appointment as the science thought police.


Some of us protested, and as soon as we are able

We'll write a definition for a 'controversial' label.

All we've thought of so far is it disagrees with us,

But we can't have that adopted or there's nothing to discuss.


We delved into geology, in hope of great rewards,

But finds acclaimed with great applause oft turned out to be frauds.

The missing links, connected, would suffice to make a chain,

So we dug and dug and turned up rocks, but laboured all in vain.


A chain with missing links could not our fixed idea sustain-

It takes a lot of fantasy their absence to explain.

Since we need a few discoveries from the scientific fountain,

We would set the past behind us on the other side o' the mountain.


We try to work in terrain new to keep up flagging hopes -

Who knows what fossils may turn up upon the other slopes?

As to why there's nothing yet to show there's simply no accountin'

Unless it be we cannot find the other side o' the mountain.




You and I are not aware when they'll admit defeat

Or how they will announce it, but it's bound to be a treat.

At least we'll know which way to look, and, ready with a thumb,

We shall see that they'll be coming round the mountain when they come.


G.D. Lyons

perseverer perseverer
56-60, F
3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I don't know about a poem, but your comment might provoke a new story!

I like both God and evolution, where's the poem for me??? LOL!

Ha ha ha - good one!