Hypocrisy: The Priest Who Procured False Witness

I tell a tale of priests;  the first molested a tenage girl.

Later in life she complained to police, who promptly laid a charge.

His shame would be unmasked in court as the case began to unfurl -

He could even be sentenced to gaol, not allowed to remain at large.


He feared his fate, he sought advice, and found a fellow priest,

Who, far from being loath to protect the clergy's reputation,

Desired not his peer group's conduct discovered or policed

And thought of a scheme involving her good name assassination.


Thou shalt not bear false witness - so runs Divine command.

The only rule they recognized:  Thou shalt not get found out.

The tactic they decided on she could not well withstand - -

They carried on pretending they were pastors so devout.


Their actions cry to heaven for vengeance.  These ministers of Christ

Were cruel, selfish, ruthless, drove a helpless woman to despair.

I don't suppose they knew how high their wicked scheme was priced - -

One simply can't imagine any room in their hearts for prayer.


The victim mentioned a friend, expected to lend support to her case -

Indeed he had suffered sex abuse at the hands of the priest as well.

The second priest approached, suggesting, to the clergyman's disgrace,

That her friend should sign a document and lies about her tell.


Under clerical pressure the friend complied with his behest.

The declaration pictured her as villain, not the priest,

And achieved its aim effectively in having truth suppressed.

That the victim was calumniated, they considered not the least.


Burnt by a cleric's selfish passion, deserted by a friend,

She imagined that the faithful quite simply disbelieved.

Betrayed by men whose selfishness was sadly without end;

Who comprehends what strains endured, what sufferings she grieved?


The molester wished to see the victim out of his life depart.

Caught in a web of lust and intrigue, poor little, helpless moth,

She died by her own hand, yet she truly died of a broken heart,

Gone where God will show her mercy, witheld by men of the cloth.


Stabbed in the back by a trusted friend, her character set at nought,

Before, she was sad and sorry, but then she became distraught.

Since I heard the dreadful story, I cannot get out of my thought

The sound of the victim's tears, and a life that was all too short.


G.D. Lyons

perseverer perseverer
56-60, F
Mar 12, 2010