"don't Be Scared.."

I was baby-sitting my 4 yr old neice and 5 yr old nephew a while ago. They were in our fenced in front yard playing, and I had gone inside to make sandwiches. My (darling) nephew came inside and asked me to sit down at the table. I did. He patted my leg and said:
"Don't be scared.. But there is a large duck outside, and It has sister."

I took off outside screaming her name.. I've been around animals my entire life, and if you have never been bit by a duck, well it hurts, especially when you are small. Anyway..
I went outside and the large duck was actually a goose.. It was flogging my poor neice with its wings.. I grabbed her and scooped her up, but the darn goose bit a plug out of the back of my leg.....
The moral of the story is..
When a 5 year old says don't be scared, one should probably be scared..
simplencountry simplencountry
22-25, F
Sep 5, 2012