No Zeal Left...

I love you when you don't trust me coz it reflects your possessiveness,your jealousy and your insecurity but why can't you understand my heart.
I have been waiting for you since long but you seem to not care at all still i love you because when you don't show that you care your fear of losing is reflected and i enjoy that.
My random thoughts which I think in my own way no matter its not truth.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder but do you know my heart is so numbed that it doesn't feel the warmth anymore.. my desperation,my want ,my eagerness all dried up.
I feel like just a lifeless soul and this is fact ..
I try to thaw my frozen heart with thoughts,penning my emotions but nothing helps no this is not acute depression it originated from cornered feelings.I don't even feel to scream give me back the real me ...I have lost all inertia to fight back and make things right ..I just enjoy seeing life passing by me in its usual way sometimes it brings smile,sometimes tears sometimes no doubt I become restless and just want to throw everything behind and run away but no I can't my obligations I can't deny.
I don't live life for me now there's no want just want to pass off time in silent way just want to see what is more store for me.I don't want to try anything from my own just prefer to watch where life will take me from here on.
I didnt even know few months back also that I will be standing here but now here I am a lifeless soul who doesn't have any want just enjoy to see life passes by while sometimes sarcastic smile flashes in between..
trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Jan 9, 2013