My Sex Scapade.

When he arrived, I was already naked. Nothing but socks on. He knocked on the door and just before I could open it I began to feel moist between my thighs.
I quickly opened the door and seen this dark chocolate muscular mail man standing right before me. My pearl began to throb and tingle. I invited him in and immediately start ripping his shirt off and biting on his lips and neck. I grabbed him and through him on the couch and unbuckled his pants.
I could tell he was ready because Cane was up. I grabbed Cane and start face beating him. I licked the head and shoved him right in my mouth. I drooled and slobbed until I chocked and coughed. I began to get turned on and Candy began to call Cane name. I hopped on and started to jump like a race horse. My eyes was closed tight and my figures were in my mouth.
I could feel Cane throbbing in my kitty. I yelled and shook, moaned and groaned.
I could tell he was turned on by everything, so I decided to stop and let him take control.
He licked my neck, went to my stomach, and went towards the cookie. He sucked the middle and told me to yell DADDY!!!!
I didn't, he sucked faster and told me to yell DADDY!!!
I didn't, He sucked faster and tongued the kitty down and....
I yelled DADDY!!!!
He drank the juices and licked it off of his figure. He flipped me over and began pulling in and out of my tiny kitty. I started to yell and beads of sweat started to drip off of him, on to me, on to the couch. Our bodies began to sway up and down, and we began to breath harder. I started to yell then he started to yell..............we both came and we both fell asleep.
13BenzBee 13BenzBee
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012