Wench By Dolen Perkins-valdez

I gave this book a rating of 2 out of 5 stars because I am still waiting for a conclusion to this book. I kept reading hoping that the more I read the better it would get but that didn't happen. Some of the stories of the characters fell to the side or didn't develop fully, even with the characters to me there was very little development and it was disheartening that the main character Lizzie/Eliza never really realized her worth as a woman in the story. To the bitter end, even knowing what being a slave vs a free black woman meant and who were her oppressors she still pined for the love of her master.

That is how it came across to me, yes it was Stockholm syndrome to a degree. After being captive so long she started to feel a sense of sordid love for him, he chose her above everyone, he treated her right but did he really? There were moments of clarity when she could see that she was nothing more than a slave to him but they were blurred by false words of love. Ridiculous...every slave arrived to the point that they learned that they were nothing more than cattle and freedom was the ultimate goal not a life of servitude. Lizzie's inability to find freedom frustrated me, I wanted the character to develop so much but true to the title all she remained was a wench.

I would recommend this if only you want a quick read, briefly touches on the cruelties of slavery with the acts of a few bad masters, there is no real love in this novel, just a great sense of loss that could have been developed into a lot more.
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Dec 11, 2012