Seed By Ania Ahlborn

Where do I begin? I was gifted this book and the first few chapters seemed really interesting. However, after an accident and the main characters daughter Charlie started becoming "sick" the book for me rapidly went down hill. I felt a sense of anger towards Jack, Charlies father, as he sat quietly and watched Charlie unravel knowing what was going on with her. He never at any point told his wife, said something, or acted in some form to protect her. Even when there was no shadow of a doubt what was plaguing his daughter he didn't fight for her.

Sign after sign, tense moment after another, as his family falls to the hands of evil....he sat and held all of his knowledge within. Frustrating! This is where I felt the author could have really spun a tale of good vs bad, the love of a father vs the evil that takes his child, but instead what we did get as readers, was a man resolved in the fact that his child is lost and basically he can not win the battle.

The full story of Jack and what really happened in that secret cemetery never really unfolded. As a reader I just got glimpses, what happened in there? did he sell his soul? what was he promised or given? why was he allowed some much time before the demon appeared outside of Jacks's assumptions?

I am not a lazy reader and can fill in the blanks but I am a greedy one and desire more. What did the demon tell Charlie before he took over? when did it happen? how? This could have been a superb tale, you can tell by certain aspects in the book but it for me, fell flat.

In the end, when Jack decides to return hope for this epic battle, but what you receive is not necessarily a plot twist or even exciting. From the time Charlie is possessed there is a sense of build up, to something's already been made known that the entity that has her is about mayhem and death. So what she does for me wasn't surprising...what surprised me was that even at this moment with all his internal conversations when opportunity to end the battle so to speak he does nothing. I'm a parent and I understand the reasons why not but as he said, Charlie was gone.

Sighs...good can't win all the time but it would have been better in this case if it broke even.

Even though my review leans to the critical side, I would still recommend it because it has potential and for what it is, quick read and interesting enough plot it's not the worst book I ever read.
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Dec 11, 2012