The Story Of Beautiful Girl By Rachel Simon

I read this over the weekend and found it to be simply put a "nice" story. I don't want to use that term to down-play the book but it indeed was one of those books you read that when you were done you said aww what a sweet story. This is not a story of interracial relationships but a story of love and how it is displayed. It's a story of situations, how would you behave if your situation is you are parent with a child with a disability, what would you do if two strangers showed up at your door, how would you help someone that sincerely needed help? if you loved someone and lost them how long would you wait for their return? would you seek them still?

The characters in the book are; #42 aka Homan, Lynnie, Julie, Kate and Martha all were interesting. Some you were able to get more involved with, while others I did not feel as connected to them but I still remembered.

The story starts of with Lynnie a mentally challenged girl, pregnant and scared fleeing for safety for herself and child. I at first was not sure who was Lynnie's childs father, I thought it had to be Homan a young man she knew because he was with her the very first night. But, as the story progressed it was revealed the real truth behind Lynnie's pregnancy. The way that Rachel Simon thoughtful gave voices to individuals who are mentally challenged was beautiful to me. She moved them from beyond being "slow" and showed that although disabled they were very much active, productive people who deserved to be able to live their lives. I also liked the way she touched on the cruelties of mental institutions of that time and how families handled dealing with a child with a disability.

She showed sincere sensitivity to the families, even though, I as a reader wanted to yell at the families for disowning their children because they were "different". I wanted to shout at Lynnie's mom for agreeing to let her child stay at that place and never visit her or follow up to see how she was being cared for. The ending of the book served sweet justice for Lynnie although it took several years to happen, she found her happiness and her family.
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Dec 13, 2012