Room By Emma Donoghue

I thought this book was great. I checked it out yesterday and finished it last night. The story is rather truthfully chilling. A young woman who is abducted, forced into captivity, giving birth to a child by her captor but yet still tries to keep her faith, love her child and hold on to whatever hope and sanity she can. Jack the little boy that was born out of such harsh circumstances is truly loved and loves his mother dearly, his voice is the voice that the book is really told from. With his mother by his side an escape plot is hatched and carried out but what awaits them outside the room is at times more than they can handle.

I really liked this book because it made me think of the Elizabeth Smart's of the world or anyone that was abducted and raised in torture. How do they cope? how do they cope if children are born in captivity by someone who has done so much harm and wrong to you? How do they cope with the outside world once they are free and how is their relationship with their child/children affected? What is it like to see your parents after so many years and deal with the changes that may have happened in your family since the time of your disappearance? All of these issues were touched in this book...I actually wish it was much longer than it was so I could keep reading about Jack and his Ma.
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Jan 5, 2013