Cannibalism And Humans Sacrifice By Garry Hogg Http://

It was the first book ever written on the subject, published in 1958, and is a description of the cultures around the world who practice cannibalism.

It covers Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Aztec civilisation, customs and myths Kwakiutl Indians, of the Amazon basin, Nigerian Tribesmen, the Leopard Society of Sierra Leone, the Congo basin, Headhunters in Indonesia, the New Ginea revenge, cannibalism and Tabu, Melanesins, the Polynesians, Australian Aboriginals, the Maori of New Zealand.

In general, I think it's a very informatve and interesting book, but not for the squeamish. It goes into depth about the mechanics of cannibalism - catch, cook and eat. It also goes on about the different forms of pagan belief that surround some of these practices, how and why they select their victims.

To be honest i think it's a good read if you are interested in this.

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