Share A Friend's Sister

This happened 3 years back when I was 26 years old and this happened with one of my friends sister her name is Shivani she’s married and her husband is in Dubai she was my friends sister and she’s damn hot and sexy.

I always had a eye on her because of my friend I didn’t try for her me and my friend use to visit her always and she became very close to me and whenever I goes to meet her that night I use to ********** thinking of her me and my friend use to take her for shopping every month because her husband send money every month and she use to give pocket money for us

she knows that I have a lot of girlfriends and she use to ask me about how they are and everything as she’s alone in her home and I know very well that she’s really looking for someone to make love because her husband is in Dubai for 1 year. One day me and my friend went to visit her and she was wearing a low cut nighty me

and my friend was sitting on the couch and she came with tea and snacks when she was keeping the tray I saw her cleavage and I gone mad.abd after that only this seen was in my mind and I went their wash room and *********** there and that night I was thinking about her only then I started making plan to get more closer to her then I started to call her every day to ask her how she’s and everything.

And she use to ask me about my gf one day me my friend and our gfs planed for a movie and I told my friend to call Shivani also she will sitting boring there at home then he said ok and we picked her from home and we met our gfs in the theater and I introduced Shivani to them we went inside the movie hall and Shivani was sitting after my gf

and the movie started I started playing with my gfs hand and I made sure that Shivani is watching us. And I was right she was not watching the movie she was watching us then I kissed my gf that was enough for Shivani to become hot after the movie we dropped Shivani and I came to my home then I called shivani to say good night she asked what u were doing in the movie hall.

I said “oh u saw that I thought u were watching movie u know that we r guys and it’s our time to enjoy and she said u guys can enjoy your life always then I said good night to her and kept the call and I was planning for next day because my friend is going out of town for some work next day I called Shivani and asked her if I can come to her home with my gf she said ok

and I told her not to tell my friend about this she said ok then I picked my gf and went to her home me and my gf was sitting in her hall and Shivani made some food for us we talk for some time as me and my gf planned my asked for the wash room and I took my gf to Shivani room to show her the wash room that time Shivani was in kitchen.

And I closed the bedroom door and I kissed my gf. I put my tongue inside her mouth and started removing her dress and started playing with her and I licked her ***** aaaaaahhhhh she started moaning. I made her come in my mouth and she started giving me ******* then I lay her on bed and started ******* her in missionary position she was moaning loudly

and I was sure Shivani can hear that when I was about to come I took my penis from her ***** and started ******* her boobs and I came all over her boobs. The we went to wash room and cleaned yourself and came out that time Shivani was sitting in the hall watching tv from her face I know that she’s on fire then I told Shivani that we r going.

I have to drop my girl friend before college time finish then Shivani told me to drop her and come back to her because she wanted to go for some shopping I said ok on the way my gf asked me what Shivani will think about us I told her that Shivani is like my sister. After dropping my gf I came back to Shivani and she was still in her nighty then she asked me what I was doing with my gf in her room.

I said I made love to my gf then she asked me can u make love with me. I dint said anything I directly kissed on her lips and our lips locked for 20min while I was kissing her I was pressing her butt and boobs and she was really on fire the I took her to her room were I ****** my gd before some time then put her on bed and I started kissing her neck sssssss she let out a moan ahhhhh she was really on fire.

Then I pressed her boobs she said just pls kill me from long time I was looking for someone to make love and I said I *********** lot of time thinking of you she was shocked to hear that then removed her nighty now she only in bra and panty. I started to lick her milky body she was in heaven then I removed her bra wow that was a beautiful seen and

I started to suck her boobs and I put my hand in her panty she was so wet and started fingering her aaahhhh.ohhhhh…yeaaaaaaaah He she was screaming and my finger became so wet then took some juice from her ***** and applied on her boobs and started sucking her again this made her more violent she was trying to put her hand on my **** I said not now

let me enjoy your body completely then only I will give u my **** she said please and I said no again and I moved my tongue to her navel then again I took some ***** juice in my finger and wiped it in her navel and started licking it then I moved to her thighs and started licking her thighs all these action made her so violent and she was screaming like hell which I can’t explain to you now then I slowly kissed on her *****.

She let a moan aaahhh yeahhh then I slowly removed her panty and took it in my hand and started licking it now she really gone mad again I kissed in her ***** and she spread her legs wide and I started licking her ***** like a mad dog because I love licking ***** and she was screaming loudly..ahhhhhhh ohhhhh yeahhh do it just do it faster.

eat my ***** it’s all for you and she put her hands on my head and pressed my head more to her ***** and I know that Shivani is going to come. I put my tongue deep inside her ***** and in 2 min she came like a water fall. She was screaming and was holding my head tightly to her ***** and I was die to breath and after two three seconds she took her hand from my head and

I was breathing heavily and juice was flowing from her ***** then I started to lick her juice and I know that she’s really happy now then I went to kiss her and we had tight kiss and this time she got my **** and started to remove my dress and Shivani made me nude in seconds and I asked her for a ******* then Shivani kissed me and took my **** in her mouth.

And I really liked it because Shivani loved my **** by giving sweet kisses and licking it slowly and it made me crazy. I told Shivani lets do 69.and we started doing 69 and I came in her mouth a full load if *** but Shivani dint stop sucking me and within minute she made my **** hard again all this time I was doing my favorite job licking her ***** now she wants my ****

in her ***** she came on top of me and took my **** in her hand and put slowly in her ***** and she started to **** my **** and I was looking at my sexy Shivani she was looking more sexy nw. Then she bent down and gave her boobs in my mouth and I stared sucking her left boob an and pressed her right boob with my hand she ****** me for 15min and fall on my chest

and started to kiss on my lips and said thanks to me and told me not to ********** from now onwards I can have her whenever I want and I can bring my gfs to her home to **** she will give me support. I said thanks to her by giving a deep kiss and I told her that am not came yet and I want to **** her boobs she said ok and she lay on the bed and I came on top of her in 69

position and kept my **** In between her boobs she press my **** with her boobs and I spread her legs and started licking her ***** and ****** her boobs and I came after 10 min on her boobs navel me an Shivani

is having a good sexual relationship secretly and she’s helping me to **** my gfs also all my gfs thinks that me and Shivani is having sis bro relationship thanks for my sweet Shivani hope everyone like my story.
prempandya prempandya
May 14, 2012