I Believe We All Have Good In Us Somewhere

As i sit here and reflect on things that have happened, i don't ever regret mistakes i have made in my past. We learn from them. I totally agree to that. We also learn from our experiences and others as well. I try everyday to think positive, know that where ever life leads me, only i can control my reactions and if thats the case, i might as well make it good. I have some experiences i would like to share. About 7 years ago, i worked for a great company, loved my job and the people i worked with. After working there for 5 years, we were all told that our positions we had were being transferred to another centre in the Philippines. There was 19 of us in our department, and getting the news was pretty upsetting, although we did have an option of choosing a lower paying job within the company and doing something completely different. I think the hardest news to take was that, not only were our jobs being passed over but also we had to train them on everything we did on a day to day basis. Some of my co-workers were not really happy about that, as to be expected to an extent, some were very hurt and were not willing to train these people on how to do our job considering they were taking them away from us. I remember the first day i had started on that journey. We did all our training on line or by phone, because they were in another country. I introduced myself and they did as well, they were very polite to me and everyone. As our jobs dwindled down and time went by, the training continued day by day. Each one of us got notice on how long our job was continuing. Fortunately, for me, i was the very last person left in my department to go. I say fortunately because i had the utmost pleasure and respect for those people and have never been so completely overwhelmed with their respect they had for me and all of us that worked there. They made much less money than i did, were all so smart, lived in a place where at any time could possibly have Tsunami, mud floods, and many other disasters. They were mostly poor, did not have the best things in life, like we had. Lived in apartments or shacks with no stoves, some had no running water, electricity. This job provided them with self respect, very little money, and they were so beautiful, that i could not have been more happy to pass my job on by the end of it. When i left, being the last one to leave, that day, i cried, not because i was leaving a job i loved, but because i was leaving these people. I was the teacher to them, when in turn, they learned me so much about life, how to stay positive. They were so inspiring, and taught me so much, i wrote an email to everyone in the whole company, thousands, commending them on their work,respect,integrity and love that they passed on to me. This was a great learning experience to me, which started me on my wonderful journey to make my own life better. Believing in yourself and having positive thoughts and being in control of your own actions, this will take you everywhere you want to go. I took my layoff, went back to school because i finally had the courage to explore myself. I believed i wanted to help people, like they did. I am now working as a nursing assistant, in a nursing home. I love my job, going to work everyday, helping people, making them smile is worth more than a million dollars to me. Although, i have struggled during this time, with an abusive relationship, and there are still times i struggle, even though i finally had the courage to leave. I know, that i am the only one to make me happy, i am in control of my life. I think that having compassion and patience can take you a long way. And i also believe, God has chosen this path for me from the beginning. Its all fitting now for me, i can see it clearly. I still have some things to work on in myself, but i know that i will get through every hurdle. I have come across so many people on my path that have overcome so much more than I and still have a smile on their face everyday. Like the quadriplegic man, whom i adore so much, that i take care of. He is an inspiration to me daily. He is only my age, has lived in the home for 12 yrs, has MS, has a bachelors degree, wrote 2 books. I visit with him quite often, help him with his computer, take him out, spoil him. Why not, he deserves it, as they all do in there. He cannot do anything for himself, depends on us for every need, but yet still, when you walk into his room, he will give you the biggest smile and the best attitude and loves life. I think we all need a little piece of that in our life. So remember, when your having a bad day, there are others out there that struggle so much more than you and still end up making the best of it. Feel out your path, follow your heart, look for inspiration daily, find something you love doing and have faith that things will work out for you. I hope I can make at least 1 person smile today with this story of mine. Pay it forward and do something nice for someone today, it will all pay off in the end, if not, it will make you feel good :)
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Thank you. Nicely said.