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Right Now, I Am Sort Of Not Feeling Well At All, So Here Are Some Quotes!

Luckily, one of my all time favorite movies is on, so these quotes are from that movie: "G.I. Jane"

They go like this, but I am adapting them to me!

"I am not here to make a statement.........I am here to tell me own story, I just do not know how to tell my own story, I never really have."

"The best thing about being in horrific pain, is it allows you to know you are not dead."

"I expect pain, when I start to really get into it, but I know that facing that pain, will allow it to heal, and move on, knowing there will be more pain, but nothing like what I have been living with for longer then I care to mention."

My favorite quote - the one on "Self-Pity" ah, that is really an inspiring one for me!

I analyze my own self through everyone and everything but me, it is to scary, so I guess, now I want to say to you:

"Can you help me talk about me?"

That is not a quote in the movie, but at this point, I felt it important to note, b/c I tend to avoid me, in any way, but now, I am wanting to talk about me.

I still need the other methods of creativity though, the songs, quotes, movies, books, they help.....

Even people!

I have a mild fever right now, so this may not be clear, but I wanted to write it, anyway!

Take care all!

Peace out!

If you say peace out back, can I make a request?

Can you say: "Peace out human?"!!!!!!! 

stigmafree stigmafree 31-35 1 Response Jun 11, 2010

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