Just Some Random Thoughts.

If you are stuck between 2 choices, flip a coin.. because the moment the coin goes in the air, you start hoping for what you really want..

If you love someone, love them like a dog loves his master; Loyal, loving, trustworthy, honest, one who never gives up on you and someone who'll die for you.

People are so caught up in life today, they let go of the child inside of them. Those who are happy and will be happy for years to come will always be child-like inside.

Do you feel depressed? Well then stop being so self-centered. Help someone, stop thinking about yourself for a moment and try to make someone else happier.

A child is born with an inborn sense of justice. If you're a parent, protect it.

No matter what happens, life is a beautiful thing.. when you'll grow older, you'll treasure each moment of your life.
Don't have any regrets. Remember your mistakes, correct them if you can.

Remember it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved.

Stop thinking about money all the time.

The people who go around trying to make others happy, or are helpful, are the ones who are the loneliest.

Love your life, but be willing to die for someone you care for.

Posting pictures of disasters, diseases and animal cruelty and social networking sites won't help them, taking some action will.

Don't be a hypocrite.

Auto-tuning and using MIDI turntables in pop music isn't real music, choke on it.

tAlkiNNgg lYYkk dissS is not cool. Yes, you do need to go to school.

Oh and one more thing 'fore I go..
I'm Batman.
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May 8, 2012