So No One Feels Violated...

 Okay, okay. This is just for UnidentifiedHomelessWeirdGuy, who pointed out that me reading (and enjoying) other peoples embarassing stories without sharing was unfair. And in the spirit of "turn about is fair play", which is completely unverified imo. 

I talk to myself. Not in the occassional, quiet, by yourself commentry on a video or something. In a weird, loud, middle-of-the-street-way. Now, this isn't like an everyday thing, or even something that anyone I know has noticed.

When I get really embarassed (you know that embarassment where your face feels hot, your mind is dull, and your entire body has gone numb?) my mind starts running through whatever I did to embarass myself over and over again until eventually I blurt something out, like "Oh my gawd, how could you?!" This may be an hour later on a bus, or just in my kitchen with my housemate. Either way its ususally humiliating and I can never think of a smooth way to tell the people around me "chill, I'm not as crazy as I act". 


So next time some crazy chick next to you mumbles "Please Jesus say I didn't just do that!" have pity and pretend you were too busy to notice.  

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4 Responses Sep 16, 2009

Lol, probably. I have an awesome thing where if I touch the bottom of my phone screen for a couple secs it starts ringing. So many awkward conversations avoided....

Lol that sounds like something I'd do

You know what's funny? That isn't even close to how crazy I get.

Lol. you do realise that you are crazzzzeee.