A Man Proposed For Marriage Haleluia!!!!!!

There was a woman  who had three beautiful daughters, but the problem was that all the three young ladies had an issue in the way they
spell the alphabet(S) They were always spelling it(Z).

The day the young man was about to come over to propose to one of the woman"s daughter she warned each one not to say any word in order not to make the man who wanted her daughter flee.

And her daughters were obedient well raised girls who listened to their mother's orders.

After an hour the demanded handsome proposer arrived and the mother as well as her daughters were ready to host that guy.

The house was spotless clean,fruits were prepared,cake,juice,and food.

After they finished eating the handsome man wanted to hear his beloved Cinderella's voice cose she didn't speak to him since he arrived also her sisters except their mother.

So in order to hear her voice he asked he for a glass of water by saying"Would you mind bringing for me a glass of water please??"

The girl immediately replied"ZURE!!! OF CURZE MY HANDZOOM MAN"

Then her second sister with shock and anger replied"Didn't mom told you not to ZZAY ANYZZING???"

Then her third sister with joy and relief clapping her hands together said" HEEEEEEE I didn't ZAY ANYTHING I DIDN'T ZAY ANYTHING!!!!!"

Then the third one with relief and joy clapping both hands together said"

The gentleman was shocked when he heared how she talked then her second sister with fear and anger
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i can t get the last 3 lines

It was a writing mistake.

This joke made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I'm not expecting you to laugh I'm just sharing a joke which others might not find funny.

Jokes are supposed to be funny

Hello, could you please stop trolling my question? "Thank you come again" =)

No I can't sorry :) Thank you go again :)

why not? are u attracted to my questions? I know I'm a magnet to girls, but not in the Questions area, too =P


Sorry i don't get it! , you sure you have spelt it right? LOL :D

What's that you didn't get?? :)

It's like some of it is missing!, like the end, the punchline ⊙_☉

There is no punch line; there is no joke

Then whats funny? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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that's funny

hmmm so interesting ha

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