Something Funny I Gave My Bro On His Bday

Ok so yesterday was one of my younger brother's b-day. He's now 28 years old. 2 days ago I was talking to my friend about what I should give to my brother as a gift. She told me...get a box of tampon and wrap it up really nice. I was like....OH! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! Soooooo.... I got a tampon box took out the tampons took out the instructions then put some money inside of the instructions and then back in the box. I then closed the tampon box and wrapped it really nice with gift wrapping paper. Before I went to work I went to my brother's house like at 7:30Am since I knew I wouldn't be able to see him later on. I gave him a hug, sung happy birthday and said...Oh! I have a present for you. He was like..."oh you didn't have to" And I was like..."you'll love it! I put a lot of thought into it" tehe... Anyways...his girlfriend was there too watching in anticipation as he opened his gift. He slowly and carefully tore the wrapping and then he saw the box. He started cracking up laughing. He was like....What the hell? LOL  and put the box down. He seriously thought that was all I gave him. I'm like..."aren't you going to open it?" so he did and took out the instructions...unfolded it all and then Voila! He found the money I put in the box. So hilarious!!!  Tehe 
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3 Responses Jun 15, 2012

thats great

LMAO! That is very funny gift idea...although most men probably would embarassed if open that gift in the party.

tehe! yeah! He was surprised I gave him that. Totally was not expecting that. That's what made it funnier :D

LOL XDDDD THAT CRACKED ME UP XDDDD okie so u gave me ideas for the future, too bad i don't have a brother e___e

Glad I could make you laugh. Yeah maybe do this to a friend or some other family member on their bday one day xD