The Phone Call.

Many years ago,I couldn't afford the phone,so! on this day I went across the road and made a couple of calls that had to be done.It was around xmas time,then I went back in the afternoon and made another couple of std calls.I were putting off phoning my father and step mother as it nearly always ends up in some sort of argument.I'd been talking to my neighbours about phoning my father and they said go get it over and done with as my husband said the same thing.The neighbours were drinking and sitting out the front,I went home;got my money,head down ,bum up I marched across the hot road with all these loose stones on the side of the road with bare feet.Deeply in thought my neighbours watched me march across the road to make the call.I got all the way across the road turned to open the phone booth door and IT WAS GONE! the dear sweet neighbours cracked up laughing.They said it was the funniest thing they had seen in a long time,no,that was they had ever seen.The look of me standing there thinking were is the bloody phone booth gone too was worth a thousand words.Who for Gods sake just gets up and removes a phone booth.Dumbfounded, embarrassed, humiliated,with my neighbours laughing and drinking,I hung my head in shame and went home,not to be seen for a day or two until my friends saw me and rubbed it in pretending to be blind.
Lesely Lesely
51-55, F
3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I could see the funny side to this as you were just there and they were waiting for your reaction when you went back. The look on your face must of been worth a thousand words.
Hope you got to talk to your Dad.

Yes, those were the days when we had the most orsume neighbours.We used to chill with them quite a bit.You seem like a nice lady,want to meet down the road for coffee and chocolates, HA!HA!

Maybe Superman needed to borrow it. Hope you were able to get yourself a cell phone.

At that time , no I couldn't afford one.If superman borrowed it,he forgot to bring it back,maybe he needed to clean it up after his side kick kriptoe.HA!HA!

why is this funny? to me, its not funny at all!

In what respect don't you think it's funny? In all honesty I find it embarrassing,But! the neighbours,my husband,it was brought up at our wedding and pretty much everyone there said they could picture it and laughed. Even my family think it's funny . I were told off a few people learn to laugh at yourself at times.So! I figger,learn to laugh at yourself.