How Important Is Obedience To A Master/ Mistress

It seems to me, in my opinion, not many slaves/subs seem to know what obedience is any more. Seems to me that the majority of slave/subs are obedient to the point when they are asked to carry out a task they don't want to do and prevaricate as much as they can.

In recent years this seems to be more common to the new sub/slaves today. I have never heard such crap in my life - if you are a sub/ slave you should show obedience, surely your duty is to obey him, unless it is to break the law of endanger your own life and liberty.

Seems o me that part of the problem is that when the sub/slave decided to be a slave/sub to a Master/Mistress, they don't think out what they would consider doing, so they they they will do "absolutely anything". Sp maybe we slaves/sub should really put the proper thought into what we are agreeing to beforehand and then show our Master/ Mistress due obedience.

Also subs/slaves should rethink why they are into BDSM in the first place, also rethink just how important their Master/ Mistress is to them. For me, Master is the most important thing in my life: so it is behooves me to show him 100% obedience and submission.

sevdaslaveandmaster sevdaslaveandmaster
Sep 16, 2012