How Can A Slave Say No?

In my opinion:

I think "can a slave say no" is a big discussion point among many sub/slaves. As I live under Absolute Power Exchange rules the only time I think a slave can say no is at the beginning when the Master asks you to become his slave.

In this period of time you agree on which rules you will obey,what you will and won't do. After this, as soon as you have said yes and, moved in to live 24/7 with your Master/Mistress, after that point you have no right to say no - unless he is threatening to kill you.

Seems to me that too many sub/slaves want to say no - make excuses - or even end up telling the master what to do. Maybe before people get involved with BDSM they should do some reading and realize what a Master/Mistresses rights are in BDSM because the new slave/subs are not learning the right way, there will one day be no more real BDSM people.

If you don't respect Master's rule over you, and you really want to do your own thing in the relationship, youre really no submitting as a sub or offering yourself as a slave, are you?

sevdaslaveandmaster sevdaslaveandmaster
Sep 18, 2012