Need Suggestions... Farewell For Seniors!!

ok people... I need some help!! we have this farewell for seniors... tomorrow!!!! sorry I am posting it and demanding inputs from you all very quickly.. but I am sure I'll get some good ideas from you all!!

can you think of any games...?? decent ones!! for college students...

I have thought of two games...

1. first and last impression..

we give a sheet of paper to everyone and they have to write a name.. any name from their class and write what was the first impression about that person and what is the last impression about that person i.e after 4yrs of college! then we read them out!!

2. a chance to speak out!!!

this will be fun... we will make many chits and write the names of our lecturers and ask our seniors to come  randomly and pick up the chits.. they have speak for 3mins on the lecturer whose name is written on the chit!!


I gave these examples to set up a momentum... any ideas...???

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18-21, F
Apr 25, 2008