Vote Pudsey:::::::

Is this not the most adorable and talented pooch you ever saw?.....................................

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4 Responses May 8, 2012

Well Pudsey and Ash are half a million pound better off now.<br />
No ordinary dog food for that pooch from now Yay :)

They won?! (Anticipating that the answer is truly yes, I'll say...) Awesome! And kudos to all the voters!

They did win. I thought they couldn't do anything more with their routine but it was just brilliant !

I really really hope Ashleigh and Pudsey win. I'm voting Pudsey all the way.<br />
A while back there was another dog act (Gin and Kate) and they were really good too but Ashleigh has a bit more personality I think, hopefully the public will vote for them. Oh and I thought her dress was gorgeous :)

That was SPECTACULAR!! Thank you! Pudsey FTW!

Yes, he's a cutie and surely destined for major stardom!!