Periods And My Back...

Is it just me or is it everyone else too?

It took me 35 years to work out that back pain and injury was linked to the my menstrual cycle. 34 years!!! Why didn't I know that my muscles relaxed around the time of my period? All those years of disrespect to my body...making it do things that i shouldn't have been doing at the time e.g. lifting heavy objects, gardening etc etc and I just thought is was because I had a particularly bad back.

Looking back I wonder how many bad episodes of back injury could have been prevented if I had known this.

I sheepishly told my chiropractor a few months ago that I had made this association and he matter -a-factly said...yes I know, many women try to make their next appoint coincide with what is happening in their menstrual cycle. Made me feel really stupid! Why hadn't he told me this 5 years ago when I had started seeing him???

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That was a joke :D<br />
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I cant see any link with me. Not had backache for years. Tummy-ache, now that's a different story (but then I'd have to be REALLY thick not to link that :)

Oh great :/....

Lucky, or maybe thick... LOL

Consider yourself lucky EH!

Interesting. Honestly, I didnt make that link either - dont know that it applies to me...?<br />
Geez, that would be bad if it did :D

Awwww...sorry AP<br />
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You know soooooo much and I love you when you look all droopy like that!<br />
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lol<br />
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it's the chat AP. I'm sure Isshe'll be back...

oh good...I am not alone! I have the company of AP :/


Thank goodness we got stuck into pregnancy early on!!! Now if only breast feeding suppressed menstruation as it was supposed to. I could have sent you out labouring just as I had planned...

don't be too hard on yourself. You can be forgiven for not making the link in the first 10 years or so :) And in the next 10 years, I'm not sure how hard your parents used to work you...